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About The DWC

The Denver Women’s Collaborative serves as a collective voice for women, girls, and their families in the Metro Denver area. We define women and girls as how the individual chooses to identify, regardless of their assigned sex at birth, including those who are exploring their gender identity or expression. The DWC leverages our shared and individual strengths to work collectively and move the needle on issues that affect all those served. 

The DWC works to amplify the voices of high impact organizations serving women, girls and their families to result in social change.

What We Do 

By identifying the common needs of our participants we strive to amplify the voices of our high impact organizations serving women, girls, and their families to result in social change. 

We Influence Change By:

  • Sharing the stories of the over 9,000 people we serve each year who are impacted every day by Colorado’s decision makers.

  • Bringing community identified needs to lawmakers and decision makers we help ensure women and families are being centered in Colorado.

  • Focusing on raising awareness and finding community led solutions to the challenges women face.


Our Advocacy Focus

Women's issues are multi-faceted and often layered into one another. As a collaborative we identify areas of advocacy that cross into each of our organizations. Once we identify the most pressing issues, we focus on using our collective voice to influence the legislature and beyond. We re-evaluate our focus issues annually.

Our 2020 Focus Issue: Housing

Housing security is a fundamental need for the people our organizations serve.  Access to safe and affordable housing is vital to helping women and children in crisis obtain stability and pursue opportunities for growth.  Read more here.

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Advocacy Partners
Upcoming Opportunities 

Our Legislative Priorities for the 2020 Session have been set.  Stay tuned for action updates as these bills are scheduled for hearings and votes.

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